Excelvit ®® is extracted from the egg yolk and afterwards a (patented) process is applied, promoting the emergence of thousands of molecules that are not present originally in the commercial egg (1200 cataloged to date). These molecules have specific biological functions.

One of our researches showed that a dose of 12 grams of Excelvit ®® per day for a month does not alter blood cholesterol levels (study performed in 20 athletes of the High Performance Center (CAR) of Sant Cugat).

(WHO): A medium-sized egg can contribute to your body with about 200 milligrams of cholesterol. The results published in 2017 by the European Journal of Nutrition confirm the review published in 2016 by a team of the United States EpidStat Institute in which it was assured that there was “no clear association between the intake of eggs and the increased or decreased risk of cardiovascular disease ». Three years earlier, in 2013, another work published in The BMJ also dismantled this myth.


There are no known interactions between Excelvit ®® and other medications/supplements.

All Excelvit ® products have a national pharmacy code assigned, so any pharmacy in Spain can order them. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate contacting us by phone +34 933 155 534 or through email info@excelvit.com

If you take 1 dose: before breakfast.
If you take 2 doses: 1 before breakfast, one before dinner.
If you take 3 doses: one before each meal.

Capsules: swallow the whole capsule with a little water

Powder (scoops) / sticks: disperse in the mouth to promote sublingual absorption, keeping it 20-30 seconds before swallowing. It can also be mixed with water, juice, yogurt or jellies.

It is not necessary, although doubling the dose  doesn’t  have any risk.

Creams can be applied to CLOSED wounds to help healing and prevent scarring. Do not apply on mucous membranes.

Excelvit ® can be taken daily and continuously over time, since it does not contain any active substance in large quantities. It also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and high quality proteins that are beneficial to health when incorporated into the diet. Its effects are maintained over time if taken daily. Breaks can be taken, but not for more than 3 weeks.

Pots and sachets contain powder, and when taken , the digestion of the components of excelvit begins in the stomach, and then goes to the intestine where it is absorbed; That is why it is necessary to take 4 grams per dose. The capsules are gastro-resistant, driving the product directly to the intestines where it is absorbed. That’s why we need only 3 capsules per dose (they contain a total of 1.5 grams of Excelvit ®®). The effect is the same, but in the case of powder the intake of proteins and polyunsaturated fats is higher.

It’s recommended taking all 3 together. 1-1-1 dosage is used in case the doses are 9 capsules, 1-0-1 in case of taking 6 capsules.

Excelvit ® Pure can be combined with other supplements, although must be noted that it already contains vitamin E and omega 3 and 6, so it would not make sense to mix it with these supplements. The new range of products (Sport, Beauty, Regen Skin) contain other ingredients such as B vitamins or antioxidants. Do not mix with supplements containing the same ingredients, since generally the doses they contain are already the recommended daily intake amounts and there is the risk to exceed it.

At least one month. If the intake is stopped, effects can last for a while (because the body creates a reservoir of the molecules) but with time it will return to its initial situation.

The composition of Excelvit ® is much richer and complete than the eggshell membrane. Excelvit ® contains 1200 molecules in very small quantities and in the exact proportions ones to carry out its actions.

Once a day is enough for prevention. When used as an adjunct to other treatments, the dose is increased depending on the effect sought.

It contains proteins and fats, but doses (4-8 grams a day) are not high enough as to notice an increase in weight. It does not increase appetite in a baseline situation (it is not appetizer).

Excipients are added to the product in order to achieve a citrus flavor, in turn each

To achieve the citrus flavor excipients must be added to the product, so for a gram of powder contains a slightly lower proportion of Excelvit ®®.

In a study carried out by the High-Performance Center of Sant Cugat (Barcelona), athletes who took 12 grams daily (4 doses) of Excelvit ® experienced a performance boost during an agonistic effort. It was observed that this effect was due to several reasons: the production of lactic acid at a muscular level was reduced, acting as a cardioprotective agent by decreasing the heart rate. Also, it was reducing the system inflammation that occurs when high intensity sports are practiced. In addition, it is very interesting in injury recovery, as it stimulates the production of collagen helps the joints.

If you are a professional or high-performance athlete, we can offer you a dosage plan adapted to your workload.

Take 1 sachet/3 capsules daily.

Excelvit ® products do not contain sweeteners, except Excelvit ® Pure Lemon Flavor containing sucralose, which is not absorbed after intake, so it is suitable for diabetics